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The Waterman & Western was vandalized on the night of 12-12-14. Over $20,000 in damage was done to many of our displays were damaged some behond repair. The 3 large arches used for the snowfall were completely destroyed. We are now building new arches for replacements. We will rebuild the snowfall bigger & better for the 2015 HOLIDAY LIGHTS TRAIN.

Wheel Chair Car Complete

New for the Holiday Lights Train in 2012 we are proud to announce, We have a car completely wheel chair accessable for special guests. We had 5 wheelchair passengers enjoy out Holiday LIghts Displays this year. This car will be in every train.


Update on our wheel chair car.


We had this car in use everynight. Many of our guests enjoyed the ride from there wheelchairs. Now whole familys can ride together.

John M. Parrott 1946 - 2010

Rotary Snow Plow under Construction

Our new rotary snow plow is back under construction. 8-13-10 Rick & Pete started the frame. The rotary wheel and housing id ready to be installed on the frame as soon as the welding is done.


2013 A new bellhousing mount was made for the rotory and a wisconsin VH-4D motor is being installed in our rotory snow blower. The wheel has been removed and the cutter finns are having chopping fingers added.


The rotary is going to have a gas engine and have hyd. fluid drive.  Updates will be addred after each workday. Check back.


We are changing the drive to direct drive, with belts & chair drive. 

New Passenger Car in Service # 402

New Passenger Car # 402 was completed in 2013 ans used on our Holiday Lights Trains this year. This is the first car to have powdercoated sides.

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